Electric Warranty Group: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I update the contract holder information?

It is important for EWG to have our customers’ most current contact information. To update your information, simply click on CONTACT US and send us a message with the chosen subject, “I want to update my contact information.” Enter the information that needs to be updated such as your address, phone number, or email address and we will update the information in our database and provide you with an updated copy of your protection plan within 5 business days.

Q. Is pickup and delivery covered under the EWG protection plan?

EWG offers a benefit of $50.00 towards the pickup and delivery of a cart with a covered repair.

Q. Do EWG protection plans have a deductible?

Electric carts have a $0 deductible for covered repairs.  Gas carts have a $50.00 deductible for covered repairs.

Q. When does coverage begin when I purchase an EWG protection plan?

For golf car protection plans, coverage begins the date of golf car and protection plan purchase. Protection plans must be purchased at the time the golf car is purchased.

Q. As a customer, do I need to activate or register my EWG protection plan?

Customers do not need to activate or register their EWG protection plan.  Protection plans are registered by the dealer on the date that the cart is delivered to the customer.

Q. Is my EWG protection plan transferrable? And if so, how do I make that transfer to a new owner?

EWG Protection plans on both refurbished and new carts are fully transferrable as long as there is a period of time remaining on the plan.  Refurbished golf carts will simply have a defined period of time remaining on the plan at the time of transfer.  Because original OEM warranties are not transferrable, any Extended Protection Plans that are still current on a new golf carts will begin the day that a transfer has been initiated.

Protection plans are associated with a unique cart serial number and customer name and must be transferred to remain valid.  Customers wishing to transfer their warranty to a new owner will simply advise the new owner to notify EWG within 30 days of the bill of sale date of the ownership transfer and provide a copy of the bill of sale along with a $50.00 transfer fee.  EWG will provide the new owner with an updated protection plan reflecting the new owner and date of expiration within 5 business days of fulfillment of the transfer requirements.

Q. As a customer, how do I file a claim?

Filing a claim is simple and you have 2 options.  If you are close (geographically) to the dealer or service center where you purchased your cart, you can simply contact their service department to begin the claims process.  If you are not close geographically, you may contact our claims department either via phone at 833-EWg-CORP or use our CONTACT US form to send us a message with the chosen subject line “I need help filing a claim” to begin the claims process and we will locate an authorized EWG service center for you.

Q. As a dealer, how do I file a claim?

We have created a streamlined process for our dealers to help them provide service to our customers and ensure that they are compensated as quickly as possible.  For current EWG authorized service centers, you may access our claims process at our resource center in your dealer portal.  You may also initiate a claim via phone at 833-EWG-CORP or begin by sending an e-mail to claims@ewgcorp.com with your customer’s name, contract #, and a brief description of the customer issue.

Q. I just purchased a golf cart, how long do I have to purchase a protection plan?

EWG protection plans on refurbished golf cars cover mechanical part failures on both electric and gas golf cars.  Coverage includes the cost of labor and parts for the repair along with a $50 benefit towards pickup/delivery.

EWG protection plans on new golf cars cover the EWG stated coverages that are not covered under the preceding manufacturer’s warranty. Stated coverage includes all parts included in terms and conditions. Manufacturer’s coverage may vary.  See manufacturer’s warranty for a comprehensive list of their terms and conditions.

Q. We have dealers across the United States and it simple to learn more about becoming an authorized dealer from an EWG staff member.