Electric Warranty Group (EWG) delivers warranty programs to the golf cart, LSV and electric cart marketplace.

EWG can simplify the life of golf cart dealers by minimizing their risk and building confidence in their carts so their customers will buy more of them. We are the electric vehicle warranty pioneers.

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Hey, are you an electric cart dealer? Do you sell new, used or remanufactured carts? Here’s a quick list of benefits by offering EWG warranties on your cart.

Our Limited Warranties include a 6-month, 12-month, 24-month, 36-month and 48-month. Many of our dealers simply build the cost of the warranty in the price of the vehicle so there’s no awkward upsell.

EWG Golf Cart Dealer Testimonials 

Here are just a few current EWG authorized dealer comments about our company, products and how our clients benefit

“EWG has been providing warranties on ALL our custom golf carts for years, and our customer couldn’t be happier. If our staff or customers need anything at anytime EWG is always there to help above and beyond.”

Rob Wallach, Excessive Carts

“EWG has given Charleston Custom Golf Carts the ability to add even more peace of mind to our customers while limiting our exposure and providing more bottom line value to all our cart sales. They helps us every step of the way and now all our carts come standard with EWG warranties”

“EWG has provided Metrolina Carts great benefits with their warranty program. By providing this no hassle warranty, our customers reap the benefits, while helping our company generate sales! EWG is definitely the best in the business!”

Bret Elliot, Metrolina Carts

“Our team at Revel 42 is continuously impressed with the dealer support and customer service of EWG. Having been a partner of theirs for years we believe everyone should take advantage of their 5 star service of and unbeatable coverage. They are well worth the investment and take care of their customers.”

Christopher Wild, Revel 42 Golf Carts

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